The #1 Oil and Gas Income Play for Huge Monthly Income

It’s NOT a stock, bond or private company... But this little-known alternative investment could hand you BIG MONTHLY INCOME from the oil and gas surge in 2024


Dear Reader,

My name is Marc Lichtenfeld, bestselling author of Get Rich with Dividends and Chief Income Strategist at The Oxford Club.

I’m speaking to you today because I’ve discovered an unusual way to potentially bank massive income from the oil and gas surge... 100% outside the stock market.

Unfortunately, regular investors are being left out of this huge income opportunity.

But that changes now.

Today, I’ll show you my #1 play to profit from the oil and gas surge in 2024. 

It’s a way to...

  1. Collect monthly income over and over again... for life...
  2. While banking huge capital gains.

The average return on this unusual class of investments was 196% last year...

And I believe that my pick is poised to see the same profit potential this year.

Let me put that into perspective.

If you were to generate this 196% per year for three years... you’d more than 25X your money over that time.

That would turn $10,000 into over $250,000.

Over five years... it would grow to $2.2 MILLION.

This is a rare and extraordinary opportunity.

And it’s an opportunity that is available ONLY in the energy industry right now.

Now... I don’t have to tell you that energy has been a big winner of late.

Last year, oil and gas investments were about the only bright spot in a sea of red.

Companies like ConocoPhillips, Exxon, Hess and Occidental rose 63%, 80%, 91% and 117%, respectively...

While the S&P 500 fell almost 20%.

bar chart

As I’ll show you in a moment, I believe this trend is just the start.

Because of a series of macroeconomic events, I am certain oil and gas is going to go much, much higher in the year ahead.

And I’m not the only one...

Some of the world’s smartest investors are making huge bets on the oil and gas industry.

Warren Buffett backed up the truck and invested over $50 BILLION of his cash hoard into energy stocks, like Occidental Petroleum.

Billionaire Ken Griffin has increased his investment in two oil stocks by 150%.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon says we’re at the beginning of a new oil boom...

“We need cheap, reliable, safe, secure energy, of which 80% comes from oil and gas.”

His company says we could see oil prices reach a “stratospheric” $380 a barrel.

That’s a 360% jump from today’s price!

Billionaire hedge fund manager David Tepper has loaded up on energy companies, buying...

  • 7 million shares of Constellation Energy
  • 8 million shares of natural gas company EQT
  • More than 10 million shares of Energy Transfer.

Famous activist investor Carl Icahn has bought $16 million worth of Occidental Petroleum... bringing his total investment to over a BILLION dollars.

And the 10 largest private equity funds have put 80% of their energy investments in fossil fuels.

Even longtime oil critic and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is bullish on fossil fuels. He says without oil...

Civilization will crumble.”

While average investors are worried about inflation... a recession... or the volatile markets...

The world’s financial elite are piling into oil.

I believe there’s a major shift that’s occurring in the oil market.

I’ll tell you more in a minute, but I believe it will cause prices to leap far higher from today’s levels... and lead to the biggest bull market we’ve ever seen in fossil fuels.

You’ll soon hear about people in your life running out to invest in oil and gas stocks.

Many people might talk about their gains in Chevron, Shell and Exxon.

If you choose to follow them, you may do well.

But I wouldn’t recommend that.

Because I’ve found an alternative investment with far more upside potential...

And, more importantly, less risk.

It’s – without a doubt – the most promising oil and gas opportunity I’ve ever seen.

It’s not a stock, bond, private company or option.

And it’s not oil futures or anything complicated.

Rather, it’s an unusual way to directly profit from America’s energy boom...

While collecting big monthly income.

What I’m about to show you may be one of the world’s most lucrative ways to play the bull market in oil...

Though it’s still virtually unknown.

And entirely outside the mainstream.

This is the opportunity I’m going to share with you today.

But first, let me quickly explain who I am... prove to you why we’re entering into a new bull market in oil and gas this year... and reveal the unusual investment opportunity that’s my #1 way to profit from it.

Why I’m Sharing My #1 Oil and Gas Opportunity With You Today

As I said, my name is Marc Lichtenfeld.

I’m the Chief Income Strategist at The Oxford Club, one of the world’s largest and most prominent financial firms.

Where over 250,000 readers receive my insights each week.

Many people know me as “The Income Guy.”

I’m the author of the international bestselling book Get Rich with Dividends.

Get Rich With Dividends Book

I’ve been featured as an income expert on just about every major outlet in America... 

Including Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

bar chart

And I’ve devoted my life to helping people preserve their wealth and collect big income in any market.

For example, in November of 2021, I made a bold prediction.

I said inflation could...

“Exceed 8% within the next 18 months.”

And I told my readers that oil and gas stocks should hold up well, as energy prices would climb with inflation...

Sure enough, within months, we hit 9% inflation.

And energy became the best-performing asset class of 2022.

Now I’m taking my prediction a step further...

I believe we’re entering the greatest oil bull market since the 1970s.

We’re Entering Into the Greatest Energy Bull Market of This Century

Nearly everything I’m seeing points to soaring oil prices in the coming weeks and months.

The world’s two largest economies – the United States and China – are buying up all the oil they possibly can.

First... China.

China ended its “zero-COVID” policy after its economy slowed to a snail’s pace.

Now it’s hell-bent on growing as fast as it can.

Already the world’s largest importer of oil, China’s further increasing its oil purchases by 20 million metric tons... a 20% jump.

china map

But this is just the start.

Amrita Sen, director of research for Energy Aspects, declares...

“The pent-up demand out of China is going to be enormous.”

Goldman Sachs says that...

“China’s reopening is a game-changer for oil.”

It says oil prices haven’t reflected this upcoming surge in demand.

And the International Energy Agency says oil demand is about to hit record levels at 101 million barrels of oil a day.

Then there’s the United States.

In 2022, President Biden depleted the U.S. oil reserves by 200 million barrels... to the lowest levels since 1985...

line chart

Yes, this temporarily lowered the price of oil...

But now we’re dangerously low on our oil reserves... which is a danger to national security, especially with the Ukraine conflict going on in Europe and a potential showdown with China on Taiwan in the future.

The government has started an all-out buying spree to replenish the oil reserves.

And this is at a time when air and car travel are soaring once again.

In other words, while Biden bought some time with lower gas prices by tapping our reserves... it won’t last.

Demand is set to send prices much higher in the months ahead.

Yet while demand for oil is expected to reach an all-time high, global supply is dropping.

Despite Biden’s efforts to make a deal, OPEC rejected his proposal.

And instead is reducing production to drive up prices.

At the same time, Russia – once the world’s largest exporter of oil to global markets and the second-largest crude oil exporter behind Saudi Arabia – has been cut off from all but its closest allies.

And here in the United States, Biden is actively squashing new oil production.

He promised to...

“Ban new oil and gas permitting on public lands and waters...”

He killed the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office... a move that eliminated the 830,000 barrels of crude it would’ve produced per day...

And he’s the only president in modern history not to have held a single oil and gas lease sale on federal lands.

It’s no wonder that our oil rig count is down by 304 rigs since 2019.

In short...

Supply is down.

And reserves are low.

All while demand is surging.

So it’s inevitable that oil prices are going to rise dramatically.

Matthew Iak, executive vice president of U.S. Energy Development Corp., says...

We’re in the opening innings of an ultra-long-term energy supercycle bull market...”

And goes on to call energy “the greatest generational opportunity” for investors today.

Fund manager Eric Nuttall says the bull market for oil will last at least six years...

That’s why the message I’m sharing with you today is so important.

You see, most folks will do nothing at all with this information...

Even though it’s obvious there’s a huge demand for oil and a limited supply.

If you act now, you have the chance to still get in EARLY.

Before oil truly gains momentum.

Bank Monthly Income From Oil Using This Alternative Investment

Now, I want to be clear about one thing.

If you simply rush out and buy regular oil and gas stocks, you’ll probably do pretty well.

But at the same time – and this is important, folks – you will likely miss out on by far the biggest gains.

I’ve found a far better – and safer – way to profit from the oil boom.

Unfortunately, most investors know nothing about it.

It has nothing to do with oil futures, ETFs or stocks.

Yet the returns can be MUCH bigger.

During 2022 – the worst year for the markets since 2008 – this virtually unknown oil investment returned 149%!


The S&P 500 lost 19%...

U.S. bonds lost 39.2% last year.

That was their worst year ever...

And by “ever,” I mean the data goes back to 1754.

While crypto – the worst of all – lost over 65%!

bar chart

That’s why I’m so excited to share this special oil and gas investment with you today.

It’s been the ONE bright spot in the markets when everything else is falling.

And that’s due to the very unique way it’s set up...

Where it can give you income no matter what happens to the broader markets.

In short, the investment I’m about to show you may be one of the world’s most profitable and lower-risk investments.

Best of all, anyone can use it.

You don’t need a special account.

You don’t need to be accredited.

And you don’t need a lot of money.

You can get into this little-known oil strategy for just $25.

Once you know the secret, you’ll have the chance to make huge income from oil, each and every month, and compound your money at an extraordinary rate over time.

How Charlie Munger Turned a Single $1,000 Investment Into $100,000 per Year for “Many, Many YEARS”

The oil investment I want to tell you about is Charlie Munger’s “favorite investment.”

Billionaire Charlie Munger is the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett’s right-hand man.

But before he partnered with Buffett, he discovered arguably the greatest passive investment in history.

It all started on a golf course in Nebraska.

It was 1962, and Munger was golfing with a new friend, Al Marshall.

Munger was then working as a real estate lawyer at a firm he founded. He hadn’t yet joined Berkshire Hathaway.

His friend Marshall had experience working for several oil producers, like Chevron.

He told Munger about a little-known oil play that could hand him big, monthly income with just a small investment.

By hole No. 3, Munger was dying to get in... and asked Marshall to partner with him.

That’s exactly what they did.

He and Marshall put up $1,000 each to buy one of these investments.

And this single $1,000 investment delivered Munger the returns of a lifetime.

He said...

“For many, many years, the Mungers were getting $100,000 a year, 50 years later... out of a $1,000 investment.”

So his $1,000...

Turned into an income stream of $100,000 a year!

So what’s his secret?

He discovered a unique way to collect royalties on oil and gas fields.

Collect Monthly Income With Oil and Gas Royalties

“Oil and gas royalties” are a backdoor way to get paid over and over again from oil and gas properties.

You get to bypass all the normal costs of doing business, like exploration, hiring rig workers, buying machinery, and bringing your oil and gas to market.

Instead, you simply collect incredible royalty streams for owning a very valuable asset... the oil or gas field.

It’s the ultimate passive income investment.

And you don’t need much to get started.

As I’ll show you in a minute, you can get a share of many of the most profitable and valuable oil and gas royalties for a few bucks.

And by doing so, you can get paid monthly from some of the best energy reserves in the country.

In a moment, I’m going to share with you details on my #1 royalty stake that you can take advantage of today for just $25.

You can simply make a single investment...

And collect MONTHLY royalties.

Now, you might be wondering...

“Why would I want to own royalties rather than oil and gas stocks?”

Let me explain the specifics and why I consider this the “perfect business.”

Why Royalties Are the Perfect Business

First of all, owning royalty interests can be a lot safer than owning regular stocks.

Normal oil and gas companies take on a lot of risk.

They spend a lot of money to find oil deposits...

Then, they need the infrastructure around it.

They need to build and maintain rigs...

Employ thousands of people...

And move and store the oil and gas.

They spend a lot of money to make their money... And they use a lot of debt to do it.

For example, drill rigs cost between $20 million and $1 BILLION to build.

Then you have to run them.

Deep-water drill rigs can cost almost $400,000 PER DAY to operate.

Plus, I haven’t even mentioned the costs of labor... insurance... and all the expensive equipment it takes to explore and produce oil.

The point is, the entire process for exploring, extracting and refining can cost hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars.

But oil and gas royalty interests are a different story.

Royalties spend very little money to make money.

It’s a perfect investment during times of high inflation, like right now.


Because royalties get all the growth of the oil and gas industry... but don’t have to pay high interest, like companies such as Chevron or Exxon Mobil.

AND you don’t take on all their risks.

You’re simply acquiring a right to a portion of the income from some of America’s biggest and richest producing oil and gas fields.

As Warren Buffett once said...

“The best business is a royalty on the growth of others, requiring little capital itself.”

All the hard work is done by a big oil and gas company... and they bear all the risk.

Then, every single time this company sells a barrel of oil or a cubic foot of natural gas... you get paid!

In Texas, they call oil royalties “mailbox money,” because you walk out, open up the mailbox and the check is there.

It’s as easy as it gets.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed in investing. So never risk more than you can afford to lose.

But with royalties, you avoid many of the risks and expenses of the energy business... and simply collect income, month after month.

And because the capital required is low... the returns can be much more lucrative than returns from regular companies.

Far Bigger Return Potential Than Stocks

For example, look at one of the best-performing stocks of 2022...

Exxon Mobil.

Exxon is the direct descendant of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil.

And it’s paid dividends to its shareholders every year since 1882!

Exxon recorded the highest profits in its 152-year history in 2022... banking revenues of $112 billion.

In short, it’s one of the most profitable and safest companies you could own... The ticker symbol is XOM, by the way.

A $1,000 investment into Exxon stock in 2000 is worth more than $5,800 today with reinvested dividends – a gain of about 500%.

line chart

A good return.

I would never fault you for owning Exxon.

But compare that with owning a little-known oil and gas royalty stream.

One particular royalty you can own lets you collect royalties from more than 2 million oil-rich acres in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

line chart

A $1,000 investment in this little-known royalty stream in 2000 is worth more than $48,000 today with dividends reinvested.

A 4,765% return on your money.

bar chart

It absolutely CRUSHES Exxon.

That’s 10 times more profitable than owning Exxon over the same period!

bar chart

Those who took advantage of this particular oil and gas royalty could have made 4,000% more returns over the same period.

And here’s the kicker...

The oil and gas royalty also pays a HUGE annual yield of almost 10%!

What’s more, it’s paid MONTHLY.

Since 2000, that’s 276 royalty checks in a row!

It’s perhaps the perfect investment.

Not only did it outperform oil companies like Exxon...

It outperformed many of the market’s best-performing stocks.

Including Microsoft...

bar chart

Berkshire Hathaway...

bar chart

And Amazon...

bar chart

It even outperformed other alternative investments, like real estate, gold and silver.

It beat real estate by 5X...

Gold by 7X...

And silver by 13X!

bar chart

You can see why royalties are a brilliant investment.

You get paid month after month.

So while everyone else is swinging for the fences searching for just capital gains...

You can actually GROW your wealth with monthly income checks AND capital gains.


Because there’s very little operating cost in oil and gas royalties, you enjoy high operating margins.

Meaning if oil goes down, you get paid.

If oil goes up... you get paid even more!

You can see why I believe oil and gas royalties are by far the best place to put your money right now.

And you can tap into these royalties immediately.

How to Collect Monthly Income With Oil and Gas Royalties

You see, there’s a little-known way to get into oil and gas royalties that’s cheap AND easy.

You don’t need to buy up land in Texas...

You don’t need to be a millionaire...

You don’t need to fill out any complicated paperwork...

All you need is a regular brokerage account... and you can get into a top royalty stream for just $25.

How is this possible?

Because a few of these oil and gas royalty interests are listed and traded on the New York Stock Exchange...

So you can buy and sell them just like you would a regular stock.

These royalties fly under the radar because you aren’t likely to hear them touted on CNBC or Fox Business.

They’re completely outside the mainstream.

But for those in the know... they are one of the best ways to make big income in today’s market.

All you have to do is buy one of these royalty interests in your regular brokerage account...

Then collect the monthly payouts!

It’s that simple.

And I’ve found BY FAR the best oil royalty investment you can make right now.

Profit From America’s Largest and Most Productive Oil Reserve

It’s a royalty stream from the most productive oil reserve in the world...

The Permian Basin.

Bloomberg reports that the Permian is...

“Uniquely positioned to become the world’s most important growth engine for oil production.”

You see, the other major basins in the U.S. – like the Bakken in North Dakota, Eagle Ford in southern Texas and Woodford in Oklahoma – are much more mature and are reaching the end of their product.

The Permian, however, is in its prime.

Already, it’s outperforming the production of all the major basins... combined!

line chart

The New York Times says that in the Permian...

Oil is stacked like a layer cake.”

Raoul LeBlanc, vice president for upstream at S&P Global Commodity Insights says...

“The U.S. oil system has effectively gone from three growth engines down to one: the Permian.”

Surging Permian production has made the U.S. the top oil producer in the world.

Already, it’s producing 5 million barrels of oil per day.

That’s almost half the U.S. supply.

And over 20% of the world’s drilling rigs are operating in the Permian... more than all other countries, including Saudi Arabia.

But this is just the beginning.

Only 37% of its wells have been tapped.

map graphic

That means the lion’s share of its growth is ahead of it.

It’s no wonder that Warren Buffett has over $12 billion in Occidental Petroleum, which is based in the Permian.

He says it’s...

A bet the Permian Basin is what it’s cracked up to be.”

Now, you could follow Buffett into Occidental – the ticker is OXY.

And I’m sure you’ll make a nice profit.

But there’s a far better way.

My #1 Oil and Gas Royalty for Huge Monthly Income

I’ve found the single greatest royalty stream to directly tap into the Permian Basin’s huge growth.

Unlike with Occidental, you’re not investing in a high-capital company that needs to drill, extract, transport or store any product.

Rather, you simply collect royalties on the oil and gas that comes out of this superstar basin.

It’s a win-win.

You get profit potential... while the oil companies take the risk.

This single royalty lets you profit from over 380,000 acres in prime oil and gas fields.

Revenue is at its highest level in three years, as are earnings.

It has no debt, has $11 million in cash and pays out its earnings back to shareholders, hence the sky-high yield.

Quarterly revenue growth is up a staggering 717%...

Over the last year, it’s brought in $42 million.

And get this...

Since it’s a royalty stream, 95% of all its income is paid out to its investors.

pie chart

And you can own a piece of this royalty stream for just $25.

To me, it’s one of the greatest income opportunities in the market.

Yet I’d be shocked if 1 in 200,000 investors knew this was even possible.

Most investors will watch as the price of oil leaps higher and higher...

They’ll run out and buy oil stocks or ETFs, or they’ll simply miss out altogether.

But I’ve shown you a much more lucrative way to rake in huge income from the oil and gas surge.

You’ll get all the details about this opportunity in my newest special report, called “The #1 Oil and Gas Royalty for Huge Monthly Income.”


This research report details everything you need to know to take advantage of my favorite royalty investment in the oil and gas industry right now.

I’ll show you exactly how to get massive monthly royalty checks in the most productive oil basin in the United States.

I urge you to read it today so you can start collecting these checks immediately.

If you’re interested, I can send you that report at the end of this presentation.

But I also want to send you a second special report I’ve put together.

It details another under-the-radar energy opportunity that can be just as profitable as royalties over the next few years...

Become a Partner in This Oil and Gas Company

It’s a very unique oil and gas company.

Just like my #1 royalty opportunity, this is NOT a regular stock.

Instead, you become a PARTNER in a company that owns over 50,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines across the country.

And oil producers like Chevron, Exxon Mobil and Occidental use these pipelines to get their crude to market.


This company is like a toll collector for these big oil and gas companies.

They use its pipelines to transport their products... And pay the toll each time they do.

And these oil and gas companies are HAPPY to pay it.

Because without these pipelines, they can’t deliver their essential products to Americans across the country.


On average, the United States consumes over 20 MILLION barrels of oil a day...

And 30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas...

Every single day.


And as a partner in this company, you are guaranteed to get your share of the profit from every barrel that comes through.

In fact, it is legally required to distribute ALL of its available cash to its partners. 

That’s right... 100% of its available cash is distributed within 45 days of the end of each fiscal quarter.

That’s money that goes directly to YOU as a partner!

Over the past 12 months, this company has banked $55 billion in revenues...

And it just raised its dividend to a whopping 7.45% annual yield.

What’s more, it’s raised this dividend every year since 1998.

It’s a fantastic company with almost unlimited cash flow thanks to its tollbooth collector business model.

Sounds like a pretty good business, doesn’t it?

And you can become a partner in this business for under $30 a share.

I detail exactly how in my new report, “The World’s Leading Oil and Gas Partnership.”


Today, I’d like to give you access to all this research, totally risk-free.

And there’s still one more opportunity I’d like to share with you...

Like my #1 Oil and Gas Royalty play, it’s a royalty stream...

But instead of collecting royalties on oil and gas, you’re getting paid on another inflation-beating commodity...


The Ultimate Gold Income Play

Right now, we’re seeing a monumental shift in the gold market.

Central banks are scooping up gold at the fastest pace since 1967.

The last time this happened, it preceded gold’s biggest bull market in history...

During the 1970s, gold went from about $35 an ounce all the way to a high of $878 on January 21, 1980.

That’s a 2,417% gain in just 10 years.

line chart

Billionaire hedge fund founder Ray Dalio says he sees a “paradigm shift” in the gold market, similar to what happened in the 1970s after Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard.

Hedge fund manager David Einhorn, founder of Greenlight Capital, also sees gold going “higher, perhaps much higher.”

And it pays to follow Einhorn...

His fund returned 36% in 2022 – while the market fell by 20%!

line chart

And billionaire Sam Zell, who criticized gold buyers for decades... has changed his tune and is bullish on gold as an inflation hedge.

Now, while bullion, gold ETFs and mining stocks might do well...

Once again, I believe royalty streams are a FAR better way to profit from this new gold boom. 

Royalty streams allow you to diversify your holdings across several mining stakes, so there is much lower risk than investing in a miner... while the gains can be far bigger than simply buying gold.

For example...

Between 2005 and 2010, gold went on a big bull run.

Gaining 211% in just five years.

Not bad.

But my favorite gold royalty stream rose 1,108% over the same period!

bar chart

That’s a 5X bigger gain than gold’s...

Without options... or any type of risky leverage!

As gold starts a new bull run this year, I expect we’ll see a repeat of this success.

You’ll see all the details in my special report, called “The Ultimate Gold Royalty Stream: Earn Huge Income From the New Gold Bull Market.”


I want to send you all three of these reports today.

But I don’t want you to pay one cent for any of them.

You can receive everything I’ve promised just by giving my monthly investment advisory, The Oxford Income Letter, a risk-free try.

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In order to do that, I’ve created a model portfolio of stocks and alternative investments that are some of the highest-yielding opportunities on the market.

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Compound Income Portfolio

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And there is one more gift I’d like to send you for free today...

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If you had invested in an S&P 500 index fund, you would’ve been down 9% by the end of those 10 years.

bar chart

The Wall Street Journal reported it was “the worst decade ever” for stocks.

However, if you had owned a portfolio consisting of just average run-of-the-mill dividend paying stocks, it would’ve gained 87% from 2000 to 2009.

bar chart

And if you had picked the best dividend stocks, those that raise dividends every year like I target, you could have captured a return of 325% over those same 10 years.

bar chart

THAT is the power of dividend stocks versus just buying the regular old stock market.

As Peter Lynch – who ran the best-performing mutual fund of all time – says...

The big reason that stock prices go up is that companies continue to raise their dividends.”

And right now, there are hundreds of other great dividend stocks that are paying out the biggest cash yields in decades...

That’s why I’ve created this dividend investing video series.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover...

  1. You’ll see how to lock in a passive income stream where you get at least one check every single month with a small portfolio of dividend stocks...
  2. I show you why all dividends aren’t created equal... I’ll break down the type of dividends you want to avoid at all costs... and the types that can grow every single year.
  3. You’ll find out how you can make money even if a stock goes DOWN... without options, shorting or anything fancy.
  4. I’ll reveal why you could pay ZERO taxes on your dividends for decades if you follow the right steps. That’s right... zero taxes on your dividends!
  5. And you’ll see how you can turn a small dividend yield of even 2% into a 5%... 10%... even a 20% yield on your initial investment... with one press of a button!

You’ll also discover the extraordinary power of growing your investment through reinvesting dividends.

By reinvesting dividends, you are letting your money compound by working for you.

Warren Buffett used this secret to help make a 2 million percent return since he started Berkshire Hathaway in 1965.

Albert Einstein called compounding the...

“Eighth Wonder of the World.”

Benjamin Franklin said it’s when...

“Money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes money.”

You’ll see exactly how it works... and how you can automate this moneymaking power in your own brokerage account in this video series.

In short, it’s a complete rundown of my entire dividend philosophy and tips.

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All the Privileges You Are Entitled to as an Oxford Income Letter Subscriber...

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brk bundle
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You’ll also receive every one of the reports, videos, portfolios and special bonuses I’ve lined up for you today, including...

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Because I know that once you experience The Oxford Income Letter, you’ll stick with me for the long term.

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Now, remember, everyone’s investment results can be different and not every investment will be a winner.

But I’m confident that I can help you on the road to wealth... because I’ve done it for years for people just like you!

My Happiest Readers LOVE My Income Recommendations!

Like Kevin Hannigan of Chatham, Massachusetts.

He felt he didn’t have enough saved for retirement after the ’08 crash.

But he built his portfolio up to millions!

Here’s what he wrote to me...

“Marc, at the end of 2008, I had $381,000 in my investment account. Shortly thereafter, I began using the ideas put forth in The Oxford Income Letter as my go-to strategy. At the end of 2017, my investment account totaled in excess of $2.7 million. This was bolstered almost exclusively by gains from investments... 90% [your] recommendations!

Thanks for all the insights and especially for the financial freedom to retire on my terms.

I’ve also helped Mort Davidson boost his yearly income.

He’s making more than $54,000 a year on my recommendations.

He said...

“Marc, the performance of your picks continues to amaze. I’m making more than $54,000 per year (yield on cash is 6.84%, gain on cash is 14.35%). THANK YOU.”

And here’s one more of my readers.

This one is very important to me.

It’s from Bill in Montana.

He’s a paralyzed veteran.

He’s only 53 years old, but Bill told me he’s not able to work in a traditional job anymore.

So he started investing in my income recommendations.

He said...

It’s given me a sense of purpose and value in my life, allowing me to provide for my family and gain back some pride again. We have six kids and six grandkids, and we’re able to spend more time with them now because we are financially independent...”

Receiving Bill’s letter was one of the proudest moments of my career.

Now, here’s what I want YOU to do.

I want you to picture your perfect life.

I want you to imagine what you would do with your family... where you would live... how you’d spend your days...

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Would you buy your dream home?

Spend more time with your kids and grandkids?

Or just sleep better at night?

Whatever your perfect life is, I’m going to help you achieve these goals today...

I’ve shown you, many of my readers are collecting BIG dividend checks... month after month.

Anybody can begin generating income today.

My readers are REAL people... folks who started out just like you... and are getting paid no matter what happens to the economy.

That’s the potential of the opportunity I’m putting in front of you today...

I’m 100% focused on helping our subscribers increase their investment income so they can achieve their dream life.

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I showed you how Charlie Munger’s $1,000 royalty investment turned into a $100,000 per year income stream over time...

A 10,000% yield on his money.

That’s what a great oil and gas royalty can do for you when all goes right.

Simply put, there’s no better way to make life-changing income today.

The one I’m recommending is trading at a great price right now, so it’s easy for anyone to take a stake in it.

But this opportunity WON’T last forever.

Once everyone starts piling back into oil...

You could lose your chance to lock in this high-yield opportunity... FOREVER.

So I urge you to act now!

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I’m Marc Lichtenfeld.

Thanks for watching...

February 2023


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